Kipling classic given Young Stagers’ touch at Horncastle

Young Stagers - The Jungle Book EMN-171206-063555001
Young Stagers - The Jungle Book EMN-171206-063555001

Horncastle Young Stagers are ready for a fresh and imaginative re-telling of The Jungle Book at the Lion Theatre this month.

Written by Kathryn Schultz Miller, the production stays true to the Kipling classic.

Deep in the heart of the Indian Jungle, Bagheera discovers a Man-Cub. Only the wolves, Akela and Raksha, may save his life and raise him as their own. 

However, Shere Khan, the Great Tiger, has targeted the boy.

Bagheera the panther, teaches the boy all he knows about the Jungle and Baloo, the lovable bear, befriends Mowgli, saving him from the fearsome grasp of Kaa, the Python, and the wild Monkey-People.

But who can save him from Shere Khan?

This treat for all the family runs from June 22 to 24, at 7.30pm nightly.

Tickets £6 and £5 from the Music Shop, 01507 526566