Quizzes raise charity cash


Brain-boxes at The Inn at Woodhall Spa are looking to raise money for local charities.

The Inn runs a charity quiz night in their 617 Lounge Bar on the first Tuesday of every month.

So far, the quiz nights have helped raise money for The Ethan Maull Foundation, The Ryan Smith Foundation and many more local charities.

A spokesman for The Inn said: “We feel it is important to help our local charities and to reach out to people we feel we can make a difference too, while having fun at the same time.

“It brings the whole community together. So far, our regular winners are Budgens and Two and a Half Men and the Kinema Crew always come up close behind.”

Anyone who knows of a local charity that needs a helping hand should call The Inn’s reception (01526 353231). It is essential to book a team place for the quiz. There is a maximum of six per team, £2 per player. The money raised is halved between the charity and the winning team.