Record labels take note... our Ollie is ace

Ollie Johnson
Ollie Johnson

At the age of 15 Ollie Johnson had already written a charity single for Help for Heroes, now the teenager is hoping to make it as a successful artist.

Now 19-years-old the Lincoln College student, recently moved to Horncastle with his family from Marham in Norfolk, is looking to ply his trade in the area.

When he was 15 he was approached by Ben Roberts, five-years his junior, who was missing his father out supporting the British Forces in Afghanistan.

Ben’s father returned home safely and the song ‘Tears of Pride’ was written, composed and recorded, inspired initially by Ben’s dad and then released, dedicated to the whole of the British Forces.

The single went on to raise over £3,000 for Help For Heroes and Ollie was soon awarded Brecklands Young Artist of the Year 2010 following his success.

Dad Mike said: “We turned our garage into a music room and Ollie spent a lot of time in there.

“I went to see him one day during the summer holidays when he was 15 and told him to ‘go outside and get some fresh air’.

“But he wanted to show me what he had been learning.

“Just by watching videos on YouTube he had taught himself to play the piano and he played the theme song from Titanic perfectly - I was amazed.

“I told him that we should get him started with some lessons, but he said that he didn’t want to make music a formality because he would lose interest.

“So he carried on learning on his own and he’s made these charity singles too.”

As well as his Help For Heroes single, Ollie also wrote a song ‘Bring You Down’ as a message against bullying.

Mike added that Ollie has been spending a lot of time on social media promoting his work in an attempt to get noticed by a big-name star or record label.

“I spend time on his behalf emailing and writing to record labels. It’s just a case of helping him get his big break.

“I’ve sent them all over the place - when he released Tears of Pride we had some news coverage on the song so we know it can be done.”

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