Horncastle pantomime is just so ‘purr-fect’ for family

Puss in Boots EMN-161229-093348001
Puss in Boots EMN-161229-093348001

Dame Dustywig is down on her luck. Bills are mounting, the bailiffs are at the door and she is left all alone to run the mill in Horncastle and bring up her three sons, Clarence, Cuthbert and Colin.

Meanwhile, up at the palace there is catastrophe in the royal kitchen as the King and Queen have to face up to meatless meals when the money runs out to pay the local shopkeepers.

How can the situation be saved?

Cue a couple of good fairies, a few magic wishes and an extraordinary talking cat!

That’s the story behind the Lion Theatre’s pantomime, Puss in Boots.

Written by David Ireland and directed by Wendy Ireland, the production is billed as the ‘purr-fect’ feast of family entertainment!

*Performances will take place from January 25-28 and February 1-4. Tickets (£7) are available from the Music Shop.