Horncastle Festival committee plans exciting 2015


Horncastle’s successful winter festival has fired enthusiasm for major events in the town next year.

That is the message from Councillor Fiona Martin, chairman of Horncastle’s festival committee.

More than 3,000 people packed into Horncastle recently for the winter festival and there are plans to build on that in 2015.

Coun Martin said: “The festival was a huge success and hopefully we will go forward from there.

“We’ve already set dates for the summer and winter festivals next year and the challenge will be to make them even bigger and better.”

This year’s summer festival was a wash-out but fortunately, the winter version enjoyed much better weather.

Coun Martin added: “The town looked amazing and I’d like to thank all the organisations who helped.

“Another highlight was seeing the local entertainers perform. The whole day really did showcase Horncastle at its very best.”

It is thought traders enjoyed a bumper day in what is seen as a major boost to Horncastle’s economy.

Coun Martin went on to reveal committee members were planning talks with organisers of the district-wide SO Festival to secure a return visit to Horncastle in 2015.

She also said the committee was looking to attract new members.