Dutch international star at Woodhall Spa

DirkJan Ranzijn EMN-190605-073311001
DirkJan Ranzijn EMN-190605-073311001

The next Music for Woodhall concert will take place on May 21 and will feature international TV concert star DirkJahn Ranzijn.

Dirk’s concerts are always tremendously exciting and the audience can be sure of a memorable evening of music and entertainment.

He does not use sequencing and relies totally on a live performance, using only his hands and feet, with the addition of some rhythms.

He believes to use pre-recorded backing or sequencing to enhance a performance ‘is not honest’.

Instead, he prefers to rely on his interpretation and the way he plays the music, which he hopes is enhanced by his appearance through style of dress, body language and expression.

The concert takes place in St. Peter’s Hall, The Broadway, Woodhall Spa and starts at 7.30pm, with admission £7.

Details: 01526 353225.