International player at Music for Woodhall

Organist Kevin Grunill EMN-190202-211625001
Organist Kevin Grunill EMN-190202-211625001

The next concert in St Peter’s Hall at Woodhall Spa will feature international organist Kevin Grunill.

Kevin started playing the electronic organ at the age of 12 and by 16 had taken a great interest in the sound of the mighty theatre organs.

He developed a different playing style for the theatre organ and soon started performing concerts throughout the country and on the continent.

One of Kevin’s main interests is the history and construction of the theatre organ.

He is heavily involved with the 4/10 Compton that once graced Birmingham’s Paramount/Odeon cinema.

He has also set up the National Theatre Organ Heritage & Restoration Centre (The Astoria Centre) at Barnsley.

The concert at Woodhall Spa is on Tuesday, February 19, starting at 7.30pm, with admission £7.

More details: 01526 353225.