FILM REVIEW: Bad Moms (15)

Bad Moms.
Bad Moms.

This female-centric comedy yarn provides a consistent humorous flow that takes it a cut above usual genre fare, writes Gavin Miller.

Despite undoubtedly being a star vehicle for Family Guy actress Mila Kunis as mum-of-two Amy, it’s the presence of Kathryn Hahn (Parks and Recreation) as foul-mouthed Carla, who provides the stellar laugh-out-loud moments , that really takes it to the next level.

They make up two-thirds of a trio of under-appreciated mums – the other being Kristen ‘Frozen’ Bell’s initially timid Kiki – who ditch their duties for a jolt of long-overdue freedom, fun and frolics.

Cue late-night partying, kids (shock!) making their own meals, and supermarket mayhem as ‘sisters do it for themselves’. And even though it’s generally ‘by the numbers’ stuff, the main premise of Amy taking on toffee-nosed PTA head Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate), and side plots provides enough entertaining giggles to make it watchable throughout.

The overall plot has been done (in a tweaked way) dozens of times before, but Kunis always makes for an amiable lead and, with able support from Bell, Jay Hernandez (as Amy’s potential love interest), Applegate, and particularly Hahn, cit an’t help but leave a smile on your face.

Throw in the obvious sequences where millions of overworked mums worldwide can empathise with multiple scenarios – ‘my teenage kid hates me however hard I try’ etc – then there’s a clever underlying theme that will appeal to the ladies, while holding enough laughs for the boys as well.