Spa Steamers begin their Couch 2 5k run sessions

The Steamers' Couch 2 5k runners.
The Steamers' Couch 2 5k runners.

The Woodhall Spa Steamers Running Club have had a fantastic response to their Couch 2 5k programme.

The newly-formed club began the eight-week course last Tuesday evening.

The programme helps newcomers to running - or those keen to get fit - gradually build up the ability to run 5k, which they will aim to do by completing a local-area Parkrun on the final day of the course.

Club founder Helen Fletcher said: “We had such positive, inspirational feedback after this first session.

“We believe in and support each and every runner out there. Good luck to all of our new members as they start their running journey with our couch to 5k programme. Go Steamers.”

The club was formed last year and has a mixture of members from beginners to ex-club and county athletes.

The club’s running routes are structured to suit all abilities and are split into loops and laps, enabling those involved to go the extra mile if thet are feeling ready for it.