Mr Mischief is setting his sights of V6 Series success

Paul Read in action.
Paul Read in action.

Paul Read has set his sights on winning the Classic Modified V6 series.

With 30 years of racing experience to his name, Paul admits it may soon he time to hang up the helmet.

But before that, he wants one final hurrah.

The series is raced solely at Arena Essex, which means a 300-mile round trip without the distances clocked up in his Triumph Stag.

“I’ve been racing for 30 years and I’d love to sign off with a win,” said Paul, who lives near Horncastle.

“I raced bangers for years but I enjoy this series.

“It’s rear-wheel drive which is more fun, there’s nothing like going sideways round the corner.”

All cars in the series are pre-1975 and all are powered by the Ford V6 engine.

The cars are built to a strict set of rules to keep them equal, so success boils down to driver skill.

Triumph Stags, Mk 1 and Mk2 Ford Cortinas, Standard Vanguards and Morris 1000s are among the cars being used in the series. The series is non-contact and bumpers are there to protect the bodywork of these vehicles.

“This is my second season in the Stag,” added 45-year-old Paul, who races under the nickname Mr Mischief.

“The first season was spent ironing out a few problems and the car has had a refresh for the 2018 season, which starts on March 17 at 6pm.

“I would like to thank everyone who has helped out, Burton Autos in Horncastle, Pullons Garage Skegness and Triple3 Motorsport Buckinghamshire.”