Gillespie is within a centimetre of record

Jim Gillespie.
Jim Gillespie.

Despite having to contend with atrocious conditions, Jim Gillespie came within a centimetre of his own heavy throws triathlon national record at Swindon.

He was competing at Swindon Harriers second winter throws invitational meeting.

Ignoring the conditions, the Wragby thrower started the day very well with a 25.00m effort in the hammer, the furthest he has ever thrown the implement at this time of year.

However, the rain got heavier and an 8.00m shot putt cost him a new record.

The final event was the heavy hammer and, despite getting to within one centimetre of his national record with 9.98m, he fell short of his triathlon record by 40 points, scoring 1361.

However, he was happy with his performance in such difficult conditions.