European medals for powerlifters

Sarah Bouskill on the podium.
Sarah Bouskill on the podium.

Members of Horncastle Powerlifting Club returned from the European Bench Press Championships with a collection of medals.

Jax Gough and James Brincat-Smith both claimed silvers, while bronzes were awarded to Michelle Franklin and Sarah Bouskill.

Members also helped Great Britain’s team have a successful competition on the continent.

Competing at Hamm, Luxembourg, Franklin was taking part in the ladies’ over 50s, 57kg weight category.

She finished with a 70 kilo bench and a bronze medal round her neck.

Over 40s ladies’ competitor Beki Williams opened with 100 kilos which put her in fourth place.

But she remained there after not completing another lift.

In the Masters 1 over 40s 84-plus class, Gough opened with a 145.

After a couple of great attempts at 152.5 he finished on 145. That was enough to earn a great silver medal.

Glyn Belsher took part in the 93 kilo, over 60s men’s section, a tough class.

He managed a second lift of 150 kilos and attempted 172.5 on his third, missed, and was left in sixth place.

The masters over 40s heavyweight class was again a very tough class.

Brincat-Smith missed his first lift of 210 kilos, got it on his second and hit a 225 on his third for a brilliant silver medal.

The club’s final lifter, competing in the ladies’ open, 84-plus kgs class, was Bouskill.

She missed her first two lifts on technicalities but convincingly hit a third of 147.5kgs to earn a superb bronze in the ladies’ open.

Great Britain’s ladies secured second place in the open class, won the ladies’ Masters 1 and were third in the Masters 2.

The men’s Masters 1 team took third, their our best results at this competition.