Busy week on the Isle of Man for Ivan

Ivan Lintin.
Ivan Lintin.

It was a busy week on the Isle of Man for Bardney road racer Ivan Lintin when he recorded two wins, a fourth, two fifth and two sixth places in his races at the annual Southern 100 road race event around the 4.25 mile Billown course.

First up was the seven lap Corlett’s Trophy where Lintin completed the race in fifth place onboard the Dafabet Devitt Racing@RC Express Racing1000cc Kawasaki.

He then contested the Ellan Vannin Fuels Senior race run over seven laps of the Billown road course where he finished in fifth position.

He went on to take the win in the six lap Mike Kerruish Plumbing and Heating Supertwins race, where he completed the first lap behind James Cowton, but on lap two he was close enough to make a pass and take the lead with Cowton following just a fraction of a second behind.

The two leading riders pulled out a significant gap from the following pack and Ivan crossed the finish line to take his first win of the week just a 10th of a second ahead of his rival.

Ivan said: “That was a really hard race.

“I followed James for the first lap and then managed to get past him but I couldn’t shake him off so I just rode defensively and held him off.”

Ivan then contested the seven lap Radcliffe Butchers 600cc race where he held fifth on the first lap until they reached Cross Four Ways when Joe Thompson overtook him.

He maintained sixth place to lap five and moved up to fifth, passing Jamie Coward.

But on the final lap Joe Thompson demoted him to sixth, where he remained to the chequered flag.

Next up was the S&S Motors seven lap 600cc race where Ivan recorded another sixth place and, once that had finished, he jumped back onto the 1000cc Kawasaki to take part in the Island Aggregates Senior race where, at the end of the seven-lap affair he secured fourth place.

His final race was the prestigious Ocean Ford 650 race over six laps where once again he battled throughout the six laps with James Cowton.

Ivan took the lead on lap three but Cowton was right on his back wheel through the fourth lap demoting the Lincolnshire rider to second on the penultimate lap.

It all came to a head on the final lap at Cross Four Ways when the pair went into the corner together.

Ivan emerged the victor and although he was chased all the way to the finish line he took the chequered flag to take his second win of the week with an advantage of just 0.065s over Cowton.

Ivan said: “I can’t really remember where I finally passed him as we were at each other all the time.

“These little bikes depend so much on the draft and I would draft past Jamie and think my bike is loads quicker but then he drafted passed me again.

“Then we did a bit at each other on the brakes and that was it. It was a good race but plenty hard enough. This is the third year on the bounce I have won both Supertwin races so I seem to go well on the little bike.

“I just need to get my finger out on the bigger bikes.”