ATHLETICS: Wragby father and son perform well in final Lincs League meeting

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Wragby father and son athletes Jim and Kieran Gillespie competed in the final Lincs League fixture of the year on Sunday.

Having been held back due to illness, Kieran is now showing some excellent form and set new personal bests in the 400m and discus. He improved his 400m by a second-and-a-half, running 63.6sec, and has reduced his PB by more than five seconds in his last two races.

In the discus, he threw another best with 24.75m, an improvement of more than two metres. He also threw 7.97m in the shot put, only 6cm short of his best.

Jim said: “The rest of the season is going to be very interesting as he is improving every time he competes, so I have lined up some top quality competition for him over the next six weeks to see how far he can go.”

Meanwhile, Jim set a personal best in the discus with 29.54m which he said he found incredibly pleasing: “All my throws were in excess of 27 metres, showing that I am also recovering from the virus that all the family has had.

“To be honest, I still feel that there is more to come, so the plan is as much competing as I can fit in for the rest of the season. That’s the best way to get the most out of yourself.”