Amelia deadlifts her way to Euro bronze

Amelia Maycock. cs543A5-n0OqO7iECJyK
Amelia Maycock. cs543A5-n0OqO7iECJyK

Five members of Horncastle Powerlifting Club recently travelled to Pilsen in the Czech Republic to compete in the IPFs European Powerlifting Championships.

First up were 17-year-old Amelia Maycock and Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School student Ben Hartley, 16, in the sub junior under-18 year old class.

Amelia, competing in the 63kg class, squatted 122.5kg to leave her in fourth place.

She then bench pressed 60kg to take bronze in that discipline.

It meant that coming into the final lift discipline, the deadlift, Amelia had to lift 12.5kg more than the third placed competitor to move into the bronze medal position overall.

She opened with 140kg, then went up 150kg, before finishing off with a 152.5 lift, which not only saw her out deadlift the Lithuanian in third place by 20kg but also push both Ukrainians into second and third places on deadlift, giving Amelia the gold medal in that discipline and bronze overall.

Ben also performed well, squatting 165kg, bench pressing 90kg and deadlifting 165kg, to take bronze overall.

Performing with a maturity beyond his years, Ben never missed a lift and remained calm and focuced throughout.

Hannah Graham, 21, the club’s junior lifter in the 72kg class, produced a very respectable 127.5 squat, 60kg bench press and a big 170 deadlift, just missing 182.5kg for a medal in the deadlift, finishing eighth overall in her class.

In the open age category, Sarah Stanhope didn’t have her best day. A squat of 170kg, a bench press of 92.5kg and a 145kg deadlift left her in sixth place in a very tough category

Paul Campbell, in the under 74kg open age category, squatted a bronze medal winning 245kg, then bench pressed 172.5 to leave him im fourth place and needing a big deadlift to get bronze overall.

Paul pulled 252.5kg to finish with bronze overall.