Woodhall Conservative Club are early pacesetters

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Woodhall Conservative Club A top the Horsington & District Snooker League after the opening two rounds of action.

They have nine points in the bag, with Horncastle Farmers Club B a point behind.

This week the Cons Club A earned a 5-1 home victory over Farmers Club A.

N. Salmon beat R. Elvin 61-32, P. Groombridge defeated J. Stephenson 55-29, S. Burnett beat R. R. Bodily 70-9 and S. Burnett and N. Salmon defeated S. Barton and R. Bodily 57-15 in the doubles.

The other doubles saw the Farmers win their only point, R. Elvin and J. Stephenson getting the better of P. Groombridge and R. Harrison 58-35.

Farmers B beat Blankney A 4-2.

Victories came courtesy of G. Loveley (56-49), J. Loveley (57-46) and M. Kelsey and J. Loveley (43-34).

Blankney’s points came from D. Rose (44-32), who joined B. Whitfield to win 72-19 in the doubles.

Bardney YM left Longshots with a 5-1 success.

D. Alford (66-44), J. Audis (66-44), M. Conyers (54-22) won the singles with doubles successes for D. Alford and N. Roberts (58-50) and J. Audis and M. Conyers (69-21).

D. Hoyes (42-38) secured the consolation point.

Horsington Vikings are propping up the rest of the table with just two points.

They earned both of those following a 4-2 reverse at Wanderers.

Wanderers won courtesy of A. Bainbridge (62-38), T. Atkinson (55-10) and the doubles, where successes were earned by A. Bainbridge and T. Atkinson (56-25) and D. Quincey and R. Marshall (48-3).

Vikings’ points were won by K. Leverton (47-38) and D. Briggs (61-25).

Division Two currently sees Horsington Red Triangle on top with 1o points, a point ahead of second-placed Woodhall Conservative Club B.

Horsington Casuals are bottom without any points.

Red Triangle won 6-0 at Casuals, with victories for B. Baines (43-22), K. Logan (52-23), M. Haddington (55-45), G. Hill (44-6), K. Logan and B. Baines (46-41) and G. Hill and M. Haddington (50-43).

Conservatives North Kyme drew 3-3 with Woodhall Spa Conservative Club B.

For the hosts, S. Shaw (68-15), K. Fixter (58-50) and M. Phillips (66-51) all won.

C. Graby won 48-34 for the Cons Club, while they secured a draw in the doubles.

J. Turner and C. Cashin won 48-47 and C. Graby and C. Daniels succeeded 59-47.

Blankney Golf Club beat Petwood Bombers 6-0 with wins for John Hicks (37-29), Jason Nichols (46-22), Rick Streeter (49-33), Paul Reeve (55-10), Paul Reeve and Jason Nichols (63-14) and Rick Streeter and John Hicks (59-53).

Rockets and Donington on Bain shared the spoils.

Rockets claimed wins thanks to P. Parker (62-39), B. Beebe (63-39) and R. Sibbons (30-24).

R. Wright won 81-29 for Donington, with the doubles - R. Wright and O. Kemp (59-54) and S. Kirk and T. Lowe (75-42) - levelling things up.

Last week’s results: Division One - Blankney A 2 Wanderers 4, Longshots 2 Farmers B 4, Garmers A 5 Vikings 1; Division Two - Donington on Bain 4 Blankney B 2, Conservative Club B 6 Casuals 0, Rockets 3 Conservatives North Kyme 3, Petwood Bombers 2 Red Triangle 4.


Division One

P Pts

Woodhall Cons Club A 2 9

Horncastle Farmers B 2 8

Wanderers 2 8

Bardney YM 2 7

Horncastle Farmers A 2 6

Blankney Golf Club A 2 4

Horsington Longshots 2 3

Horsington Vikings 2 3

Break: M. Conyers 26.

Division Two

P Pts

Horsington Red Triangle 2 10

Woodhall Cons Club B 2 9

Blankney Golf Club B 2 8

Donington on Bain 2 7

Conservatives North Kyme 2 6

Horsington Rockets 2 6

Petwood Bombers 2 2

Horsington Casuals 2 0

Breaks: P. Reeve 34, K. Logan 24.