WEIGHTLIFTING: Spa student Syed takes fourth at Worlds

Jared Syed. Photo: Pelle Zackrisson
Jared Syed. Photo: Pelle Zackrisson

A student weightlifter from Woodhall Spa finished in the top four at the World Benchpress Championships in Sundsvall, Sweden, last week.

Eighteen-year-old Jared Syed took fourth place in the Sub Junior 74kg weight class.

He made his opening lift, 160kg, with ease. That put him in front with an early lead as his opponents failed their first lifts.

For his second lift, former gymnast Jared asked for 170kg, which would have been a personal best by 7.5kg had he been successful, but he was just short of his goal.

He also missed his third and final lift, but nevertheless he finished with an impressive 160kg that rendered him a fourth place behind lifters from Kazakhstan and Russia.

Jared said the world championships had been an amazing experience and one that he would never forget.

He said: “I am happy with the meet overall. I competed last year as well, I got 130 kilos then, so that’s a big improvement.

“I injured my legs badly, and I’m still not OK from that, and still wanted to do something athletic with my upper body. I followed a friend to a local gym and never looked back.

“Hopefully, I’ll continue to improve and in a couple of years I’ll be finishing in the medals.”