VIDEO: Brave Callum, 9, completes marathon swim for charity

Nine-year-old Callum Chapman says he loves swimming - and it is probably just as well after his amazing fundraising effort.

He’s just completed 64 lengths at Horncastle’s Swimming Pool and is on course to raise £400 for Epilepsy Action.

Swimmer Callum Chapman who raised money for the Epilepsy Action charity

Swimmer Callum Chapman who raised money for the Epilepsy Action charity

Callum completed his marathon swim - equivalent to a mile - as part of the charity’s nationwide Purple Day fundraising campaign.

The Horncastle Primary School pupil completed the swim in one hour 50 minutes - without stopping.

And, what’s more, he suffers from epilepsy himself.

Mum, Kelly, told the News: “We’re really proud of Callum and he was really brave.

“He’d heard about Purple Day and straight away, he said he wanted to do something to raise money.

“He loves swimming - you can’t keep him out of the pool - so we thought this would be a great idea,.

“He did really well. He was tired but there was no way he was giving up.”

Callum wasn’t alone on his marathon mission.

His mum swum the 64 lengths alongside him.

She added: “I thought it was a good idea at first, just to keep him company.

“I didn’t think a mile would be that far and then Callum told me it would be 64 lengths and it was too late to back out.

“We were both very tired but it was well worth it.

“We’ve raised £350 and hopefully we will get to £400.

“A lot of people came forward to donate when they heard about the swim.

“On behalf of Callum, I’d just like to thank everyone who has helped. The support we’ve had is brilliant.”

Kelly stressed the family tried to ensure Callum led as normal a life as possible, despite suffering from epilepsy.