SNOOKER: Horsington and District League

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Snooker news

Division One

Played Points

Woodhall Con Club A 10 41

Blankney Golf Club A 10 36

Horncastle Farmers B 10 35

Horsington Longshots 10 30

Bardney YM 10 29

Woodhall Con Club B 10 29

Wanderers (M/Moor) 10 25

Horncastle Farmers A 9 23

Donington-on-Bain 9 16

Bardney YM 4-2 Wanderers: Alford 59-36 M Quincey, L Ambrose 34-74 R Mawer, M Conyers 54-27 R Marshall, A Horgan 53-31 T Atkinson, D Alford and A Horgan 63-20 M Quincey and T Atkinson, L Ambrose and M Conyers 40-74 R Mawer and R Marshall.

Woodhall Spa Con Club A 5-1 Woodhall Spa Con Club B: P Groombridge 65-35 D Maltby, M Ladlow 55-47 C Daniels, S Burnett 65-43 C Graby, M Taylor 68-11 J Turner, D Groombridge and S Burnett 44-53 C Graby and D Maltby, M Taylor and M Ladlow 53-14 D Dickinson and J Turner.

Donington on Bain 2-4 Horncastle Farmers B: S Kirk 61-17 G Loveley, O Kemp 25-64 J Loveley, T Lowe 10-47 D Marshall, R Wright 36-43 N Lamming, O Kemp and R Wright 79-34 G Loveley and D Marshall, T Lowe and S Kirk 13-63 J Loveley and N Lamming.

Horsington Longshots 2-4 Blankney Golf Club A: M Broxholme 24-52 S MacIlroy, P Kane 55-42 P Raby, G Broxholme 59-26 B Whitfield, M Phillips 26-40 M Purdy, P Kane and G Broxholme 38-62 B Whitfield and P Raby, M Broxholme and D Westerman 21-69 S MacIlroy and M Prudy.

Division Two

Played Points

Horsington Red Triangle 8 31

Tyrwhitt Arms 8 31

Blankney Golf Club B 8 29

Conservatives (N/Kyme) 8 25

Horsington Casuals 8 22

*Four Musketeers 8 19

Horsington Rockets 8 17

Horsington Vikings 8 16

* 2 Points deducted.

Blankney Golf Club B 0-6 Red Triangle: P Reeve 32-59 M Dowse, M Cawsey 30-58 K Logan, J Blow 12-65 G Hill, J Hicks 24-65 B Baines, P Reeve and M Cawsey 42-62 M Dowse and G Hill, J Blow and J Hicks 31-74-K Logan and B Baines.

Four Musketeers 0-6 Tyrwhitt Arms: D Smith 32-45 R Potts, A Smith 32-43 R M Haddington, S Newall 40-44 P Simpson, N Hind 31-57 R Bowland, D Smith and A Smith 31-54 R Bowland and P Simpson, N Hind and S Newall 35-40 M Haddington and R Potts.

Horsington Rockets 2-4 Horsington Vikings: P Moore 16-62 S Lowe, J Hart 29-641 K Leverstom, B Holland 47-56 M Smith, B Beebe 71-34 B Drury, B Beebe and J Hart 42-69 S Lowe and K Leverstom, P Needhame and B Holland 46-36 M Smith and B Drury.

Conservatives N/Kyme 3-3 Horsington Casuals: M Phillips 65-32 P Bentley Hicks, K Fixter 48-49 C Turner, S Shaw 50-55 D Needham, J Maplethorpe 52-29 M Eatch, K Fixter and M Phillips 46-39 M Eatch and P Bentley Hicks, S Shaw and J Maplethorpe 41-67 D Needham and C Turner.