POOL: Players invited to try out for Lincolnshire


Lincolnshire County Pool Association are holding their annual trials soon and players of all abilities are welcome to try out, especially in the ladies’ and juniors’ sections.

Junior trials and singles championship will take place on November 29. The Lincs county annual general meeting will followed by the men’s championship on December 27.

Senior (50 years+) and ladies’ singles trials and championship will be held on January 3, 2016.

All championships are £11 to enter.

The men’s first team trials will be on January 17, 2016, entry £11, and the second team trials will be on January 31, £11 entry (free for first trial winners).

All the above will be held at The Sportsman in Boston. The venue will be open from 11am and all events will start at noon. If any further details are required then email them to kulczyckyj@btinternet.com