NETBALL: Horncastle Tigers win first game of the season


Skegness Women’s Netball League

Horncastle Tigers 18

Horncastle Belles U19 12

With the first blow of the whistle, the players sprinted into the centre third; Horncastle Tigers wing defender Hannah Richards intercepted the ball from the opposition and the Tigers, having gained possession, went on to score the first goal of the match within the first minute.

Tigers’ first match of the season was a pivotal one against their old club, the Horncastle Belles U19.

The two Horncastle sides played a difficult yet amicable match, with the Tigers being put to the test against a strong defence.

From the first centre pass it was evidently going to be an exciting game.

However, with the Tigers having that extra roar of spirit of a newly-formed team, they gained their first victory.

Despite it being their first counting match together without the name of the Belles, they showed strong attack and defence with solid centre court players, including umpire’s player of the match Sophie Bark who played all four quarters with speed and agility across the court.

Representing the Tigers, Holly O’Neill said the team felt a feeling of achievement in taking their first win: “Whilst we felt pride for ourselves, there was a greater prize to win from the outcome of match. Undoubtedly we were playing this match for our managers and coach Kev Slade and Martin Foster, who have devoted many years of time and effort to netball, in particular to our team to which they have been loyal and devoted friends.

“To win this particular game for them was for all of us a great achievement. We look forward to having a successful season against the other teams in the league.”