NETBALL: Horncastle Tigers triumph


Horncastle Tigers defeated Sunnydecks comprehensively 21-11 in the Skegness Netball League.

At the end of the first quarter, the score was 6-3 to Tigers, and at half time it ended at 10-5 as the Tigers extended their lead.

The third quarter was more of the same as Tigers stretched 17-7 in front, before maintaining that 10-point advantage until the end.

Horncastle Tigers players’ player was Hannah Richards and umpire’s player was Hannah Cartwright. The Sunnydecks players’ player was Philippa Chatterton and umpire’s player was Freya Cooper.

Other league results: Hallgate 24 Louth 13, Fresh Fitness 35 Horncastle Belles 19, Westlea 31 Micronclean Juniors 6, Micronclean 10 K&S 51, Woodhall Spartans 25 Skegness Grammar 9.