MOTOR RACING: Solid Broderick maintain championship second in difficult conditions

Broderick Whitmore-Wilson EMN-140717-143821001
Broderick Whitmore-Wilson EMN-140717-143821001

Gipsey Bridge racer Broderick Whitmore-Wilson took a solid fifth place finish in this past weekend with Banovallum Motorcycle Club Enduro.

Lining up among the best part of 100 riders, the 20-year-old soon got to grips with the North Willingham circuit, making up several places throughout the three-hour-long race.

He said: “The circuit’s not my favourite. It’s a very technical and tight track, consisting mostly of woodland. The first couple of laps were quite tricky because the ground was super slick and the narrow routes between trees made it hard to pass”.”

An hour in heavy rain made the race even more challenging and prompted the club’s decision to shorten the full distance by 30 minutes due to the severity of the course’s rapidly deteriorating surface condition.

Broderick added: ““I was all set for going the full distance, but the track had got quite bad towards the end of the day, so it was a sensible decision.

“I picked up good points and have strengthened my hold on second place in the championship, so I’m happy enough with that.”

The next championship round at Aby isn’’t until September 7, but Broderick is hoping to keep busy during the lull by racing at selected enduros and motocross meetings in between.