Mixed results for Horncastle Tennis Club


Horncastle Tennis Club played two matches this weekend, with the singles team travelling to Lincoln’s Eastgate Tennis Club.

Youngsters Jessica Jackson and Harriet Jones played the singles matches and their mums Edwina and Di played the doubles.

Jessica won her singles match on a tie break but unfortunately that was the only rubber won.

The ladies vets first team travelled to Grimsby Tennis Centre.

After the first round it was two sets all both Jane Clark and Jenny Golland and Sue Bowser and Mireya MacRury winning one set and losing the other.

Sadly the second round didn’t see any wins for Horncastle and it finished 6-2 to Grimsby.

Last week the ladies second team won their fixture at Eastgate.

Sally Speed and Karen Stott won all for of their sets and Julie Hillsmith and Jane Reeds won one set in each round handing Horncastle a 6-2 win.