Lintin makes it a hat-trick with latest Ulster GP win

Ivan Lintin. Photo: Baylon McCaughey.
Ivan Lintin. Photo: Baylon McCaughey.

Bardney road racer Ivan Lintin took his total number of wins at the Ulster GP to three when he won the Supertwin race on Saturday.

He won the event in 2013 and 2014 - and now has his hat trick with his latest success.

Known in racing circles as Mr Supertwin, Ivan completed his qualifying to secure pole position for the start of the five-lap Supertwin race and got away well to take the hole shot.

But he was not alone as he had company right on his back wheel in the form of James Cowton and Dan Cooper.

He remained at the front of the field with Cowton and Cooper in close company, but on lap three Cowton dropped off the back of the group leaving Lintin and Cooper to fight it out for the win.

The pair pulled well clear of the pursuing pack of riders and, on lap three, Lintin set a new lap record of 120.402mph - 3 mins 41.292 secs.

But Cooper was not letting him get away and, on the last lap, there was nothing between them.

Cooper took the lead but Lintin fought back and, as they approached the finish line, it was neck and neck.

Lintin just managed to get his wheel in front and took the chequered flag for the win by the smallest of margins, just 0.024s ahead of Cooper.

Lintin said: “I did lose a bit of speed when we passed a back marker and knew Dan was right behind me.

“Then when he came past I thought ‘flipping heck’ as I was running out of corners, but thankfully it all unfolded nicely for me coming around the last corner.

“These little Supertwins are quite nimble and handle well, so we had some good fun out there.”

Lintin added: “It’s good to be part of this meeting.

“To be fair I didn’t know I had actually won the race.

“Two thousandths of a second is plenty close enough and I was slapping the tank as if I had won it, but I didn’t really know for sure until they told me in Parc Ferme.

“I am so pleased to have set a new lap record as I have been stagnant at 118 mph in the past.

“I have got up to 120mph at the TT but never here so it’s good to have broken into the 120s.”