Horncastle Anglers reel in a trophy haul

Senior winners
Senior winners
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Horncastle Angling Club held their trophy presentation night at The Bull Hotel recently.

Junior section winners were:

Norton Trophy, James Smith; SA North Trophy, Ryan Goy; J Dodds Trophy, Jake Harris; S Bell Trophy, Jake Harris; Fighting Cocks Shield, James Smith; D Grantham Trophy, Ryan Goy; D Pogson rod match (U12), James Smith; D Podgson rod match (12+) Henry Todd; J Reeves Trophy, Oliver Pinkett; Pairs Trophy, Oliver and Connor Picket; F Stanley Trophy, Jake Harris; A Thompson Trophy, Oliver Pinkett; R Firth Trophy, Oliver Pinkett; Horncastle Rose Bowls, Hannah Todd; Mr and Mrs Cook Trophy, Aron Bruce; Horncastle Playing Field Shield, William Chamberlain; K Lidgett Cup, Henry Todd; M Hassell Prize Night (U12) William Chamberlain; M Hassell Prize Night (12+) Ryan Goy; A Burton Trophy (most fish U12) Connor Seiger; Aggregate Weight Trophy, R Goy; PW Patis Trophy (biggest carp), Jasmine Harris; Secretary’s Shield, Jake Harris; J Dixon Trophy Jasmine Harris; Biggest tench, Connor Seiger; Biggest bream, James Smith; Promising newcomer, Harry Peall.

Senior section winners:

P Eyre Trophy, Matthew Hassall; K Dannett Trophy, Frank Clark; Pairs Trophy, Stuart Topliss and Darren Giowshall; G Parker Cup, Darren Gowshall; Espin Trophy, Sam Ellis; B Tayes Trophy, Darren Gowshall; Angel Inn Trophy, Matthew Hassell; Mr and Mrs Vinters Cup, Edward Todd; Coronation Cup, Bob Beiston; B White Cup, Matthew Hassall; RH White Trophy, Matthew Hassall; J Nelson Trophy, Matthew Hassall; A&E Simpson Trophy, Matthew Hassall; Fur and Feather Trophy, Matthew Hassall; FE Bryan Trophy (over 60’s) Frank Clark; Pit Shield, Darren Gowshall; Truscott Trophy, Matthew Hassall; Joplin Trophy (senior citizen) Brian Topliss; Pip Bell Trophy (over 50’s) Sam Ellis; Aggregate Weight Trophy, Matthew Hassall; PW Patis Trophy (biggest carp) Steve Rollins; Specimen Trophy, Karl Summers; Aggregate Points Trophy, Matthew Hassall. Karl Summers Trophy (aggregate points) Matthew Hassall.

The senior section held their first Sunday match last weekend (March 16) at Kirkby on Bain.

New members enquiries to Lorraine (01507 527420).