GYMNASTICS: Youngsters do Horncastle proud at county championships

Banovallum Gym Club's U7s
Banovallum Gym Club's U7s

Youngsters from the Banovallum Gymnastics Club produced a series of top of the class performances in the 2014 Lincolnshire Primary Schools Floor and Vault championships.

Around 160 aspiring gymnasts took part, representing 25 different schools - as well as their clubs.

They had to perform a floor routine displaying six different skills and two vaults.

There were two levels of standards - level one and level two for gymnasts who had competed in previous county competitions or scored the pass mark of 15.50 in last year’s competition,

In the under 7 years level 1 boys, Banovallum enjoyed a clean sweep. Marty Jackson (Richmond) won gold scoring 16.50, Marty had the highest floor score of all the under 7’s, 8.8,

Matthew Hall (Partney) came second with the highest vault score of 7.90 while from Jay Wold (Horncastle) finished third with an overall score of 15.00.

In the girls under 7, Marla Bell (Horncastle) finished second with a score of 15.20.

The Horncastle Mixed Team were champions with a total of 58.90

In the under 9 years level 1, Millie Morley was first with a brilliant floor score of 9.10, Connie Bell was second (16.50) and Devon Buck (Tetford) fourth on 16.20.

At level 2, Libby Doubleday (Burgh Le Marsh) finished in bronze medal position with a score of 17.00.

Horncastle Girls’ B team scored 63.90 to make them Lincolnshire Under 9 champions.

In the under 11 years level 2 Girls’ section, Kathryn Heatherington came second with a score of 17.50 that included a floor score of 9.30. and Danielle Cregan (Coningsby) was forth on 17.30.

In level 1, Shannon Bullers (Horncastle) finished third with Lucy Wilkinson (Horncastle~ fourth on 16.0.

In the level 2 boys. Matthew Hall (Partney) finished in silver medal position (16.50).

Banovallum’s head coach Debbie Butler said: “I would like to say well done to all our gymnasts who took part - what a brilliant day’s entertainment.

“I would also like to thank our two judges Julia Hutchinson and Pat Clough who judged 160 routines each and our computer whizz Trish Freeman.”

Results of all Banovallum gymnasts:

Under 7 level 1 boys: 1 Marty Jackson (Richmond) 16.50, 2 Matthew Hall (Partney) 15.40, 3 Jay Wold (Horncastle) 15.10.

Level 1 Girls: 2 Marla Bell (Horncastle) 15.20, 7 Megan Dennis (St. Andrews) 14.60, 9 Holly Giles (Horncastle) 14.40, 10 Helaina Wold (Horncastle) 14.20, 12 Sophie Wilderspin (Horncastle) 14.00, =14t Rachael Hall (Partney) and Amy Baxter (Horncastle) 13.50, 16 Jessica Dobson (Holy Trinity, Tattershall) 13.40.

Mixed Team: 1, Horncastle 58.90 - Marla Bell, Holly Giles, Helaina Wold, Amy Baxter, Jay Wold.

Under 9 level 1 Girls: 1 Millie Morley (Horncastle) 16.90,, 2 Connie Bell (Horncastle) 16.50, 4 Devon Buck (Tetford) 16.20, 7 Hannah Button (Horncastle) 15.70, 8 Jasmine Harris (Horncastle) 15.60, 15 Alice Kemp (Horncastle) 14.90, 18 Leah Fenn (Horncastle) 14.80, 20 Ella Boyd (Horncastle) 14.70, 37 Amy Lovett (Horncastle) 14.00.

Level 2 Girls: 3 Libby Doubleday ( Burgh) 17.00.

Level 1 Boys: Ben King (Coningsby St. Michaels) 14.70

Under 11 level 2 Girls: 2Kathryn Heatherington (Coningsby St. Michaels) 17.50, 4 Danielle Cregan ( Coningsby St. Michaels) 17.10, 8 Lyra Waters (Horncastle) 16.50.

Level 1 Girls: 3 Shannon Bullers (Horncastle) 16.20, 5 Lucy Wilkinson (Horncastle) 16.00, 16 Isabel Hall (Horncastle) 13.40.

Level 2 Boys: 2 Jamie Hall (Partney) 16.50.

Girls Team: 5 Horncastle Girls A - Lucy Wilkinson, Lyra Waters, Isabel Hall, Shannon Bullers.