Bowlers’ dominant success at Louth

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Horncastle Indoor Bowls Club recorded a dominant success at home to Louth.

The hosts won on all five rinks and took the aggregate with a total of 149 shots to 61, winning the match 18-0.

Rink scores: P. Ulyatt won 24-14, K. Jackman won 31-11, J. Scholey won 32-15, J. Bontoft won 28-11, T. Nunn won 34-10.

The men’s Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association team lost 16-2 (125-73) at Sleaford after defeat on four of the five rinks.

Rink scores: K. Taplin lost 12-20, K. Jackman lost 10-35, J. Scholey lost 13-34, J. Bontoft won 24-14, N. Burton lost 14-22.

In the LIBA Men’s Denny Cup Horncastle lost to a very strong Lincoln team that consisted of national players and a previous world champion.

Two rinks were played at Horncastle and two in Lincoln.

Horncastle lost on three rinks and drew one.

Rink scores: J. Scholey lost 10-38, P. Bark won 16-16, K. Taplin lost 14-17, K. Jackman lost 7-24.

The Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association men’s over 60s team were beaten 14-4 (127-117) at Grantham.

Rink scores: P. Smith lost 20-33, T. Tasker lost 14-23, D. Ladlow lost 19-27, John Hoyles won 22-16, D. Wells won 28-14.

The Lincolnshire Indoor Women’s Bowling Association Trudy Bates match saw Horncastle win convincingly at home to Scunthorpe.

They won on all five rinks for a 135-62 success.

Rink scores: M. Johnson won 32-11, J. Moody won 29-16, O. Wells won 33-9, Jean Hoyles won 27-15, P. Scholey won 14-11.

The Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Mixed League team lost 12-6 at Scunthorpe.

They won on three rinks and lost on two, but lost the aggregate with a shots score of 100-90.

Rink scores: J. Moody won 19-14, D. Wells lost 8-31, T. Tasker won 21-12, G. Lancaster lost 19-27, K. Taplin won 23-16.

The third Friendly match of the season saw Horncastle achieve a hat-trick of wins away at Dunholme.

Horncastle won on three rinks, drew on one and lost the other, with an overall shots score of 87-81.

Rink scores: Paul Thomas won 24-13, George Wells won 20-17, Niel Dallas won 14-11, Phil Scholes drew 17-17, John Rapley lost 12-23.

A friendly match at Boston saw the winning streak halted.

Horncastle won on three rinks and lost on three, with the overall shots score 106-89 in Boston’s favour.

Rink scores: Polly Fixter won 19-14, Terry Percival lost 14-23, Niel Dallas lost 7-31, John Rapley won 22-12, Paul Thomas won 16-11, Tony Wells lost 11-15.

The club will hold its craft fair on Saturday, November 18 and host the Lincolnshire under 18s preliminary rounds on December 3.

Visitors are welcome to both events.