ANGLING: Horncastle Juniors match won with double figure haul

Jasmine and one of her fish.
Jasmine and one of her fish.

Nine boys and girls took part in Horncastle Juniors’ 14th match of the year at Bainside Coarse Fishery last Wednesday.

The lake fished better than of late and this was reflected in the weight of catches.

The winning bag came from James on peg number 10 with a haul of exactly 10lb. Peg nine provided the most fish, with William hooking 61 in total.

Results: 1 James 10.00, 2 Jake 9.06, 3 Henri 4.01, 4 William 4.06, 5 Hannah 4.02, 6 Cody 2.12, 7 Jasmine 2.02, 8 Jacob 2.00, 9 Jack 1.14.