ANGLING: Girls on top at Horncastle Angling Club

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Horncastle Angling Club’s juniors fished for the Mr & Mrs Cook Trophy on Wednesday and it was once again the girls whom came out on top.

First place was taken by Jasmine Harris with a catch of 10lb 6oz, second Rosie Gowshall with 9lb 4oz, third Harry Peal landing 7lb 2oz and fourth Hannah Todd with 4lb 8oz.

The pairs trophy was fished for on the same night with Jasmine and Rosie winning with a total weight of 19lb 10oz.

Last Friday saw the fourth round of the Pit Shield fished for with Darren Gowshall running out clear winner with 36lb 8oz, Matthew Hassall taking second, 18lb 4oz, Karl Summers 11lb 6oz and Bob Bierton 11lb.

The Sunday seniors has a great day at Westwoods on the Falcon Lake with all having good weights. Matthew Hassall sealed victory, landing a huge 103lb 14oz, Steve Rollins taking second with 83lb 12oz, Bob Bierton third with 70lb 12oz and Frank Clark fourth with 59lb.