ANGLING: Elsie on top in battle

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Rosie and Elsie Gawshall were involved in a battle for Horncastle Angling Club Junior standing’s Playing Fields trophy last Wednesday.

Elsie came out on top after catching a 9.4lb carp, finally weighing in at 26.4lb. Rosie finished in second place with 16lb. Third place went to Hannah Todd, with 12.5lb, and fourth place to Harry Peal with 8.2lb.

The fifth round of the Pit Shield was held on Friday, with results of: first place, Matthew Hassall, 18.2lb; second place, Darren Gawshall, 15lb; third place, Bob Biertan, 10lb; fourth place, Stuart Topliss, 9.4lb.

The battle for the R.H. White Trophy in the senior standings was held at Priory Lakes on Sunday, with first place going to Stuart Topliss, 44.6lb. Anthony Alkinson went for second place at 31lb; third place went to Bob Biertan with 29.8lb; and fourth place went to Matthew Hassall with 23lb.