Wongers girls look the part in new jackets

Horncastle Town under 12 girls in their new kit.
Horncastle Town under 12 girls in their new kit.

A girl’s football team from Horncastle has hit the back of the net after receiving support from GFORCE Sportswear.

The girls’ team of Horncastle Town have received some fully bespoke kit worth £750 from the 2019 GFORCE Grassroots Campaign, which aims to help sports teams and clubs achieve their aspirations.

Horncastle has had a girls’ team playing league football for the past six years.

After starting with just one team, the club now have a under 12s and under 14s sides, with approximately 30 girls participating in football at the club each week, and some girls also playing mixed league football on a Sunday, too.

The girls play regular fixtures in the Mid Lincs Youth League and the club’s main ethos is for girls to have fun and improve their skills.

A range of volunteers coach the players and the under 14s were winners of the league Sportsmanship Award last season.

Nicola Fawcett, from Horncastle Girls Football Team, said: “We decided to use the funding from the GFORCE Sportswear campaign to provide our under 12 girls team with new jackets so that they could arrive to matches and training feeling proud to represent the club and make them feel part of a team by all looking the same.”