Hard fought point each for U13s and Sleaford

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Horncastle Town U13s 2

Sleaford Town Boys U13 2

Horncastle Town U13s started off their 2014/2015 league campaign off with a presentation of their new training jackets proudly sponsored by G.FENN Electrical Contractor of Horncastle.

They then got down to business with a lunch time kick off against Sleaford Town Boys, who had previously finished third in the league last year.

Horncastle Town U13s started off on the stronger foot with Sleaford Town Boys struggling to get into the game for the first five minutes.

Horncastle Town were passing well and moving off the ball to find space. Town were working hard to make chances on goal but were just unable to find the back of the net. Sleaford were also having their fair share of chances but were also unable to break the dead lock.

Town finally found the net with a well timed run and calm finish by Thomas Fiddies. Sleaford began showing their growing frustration at the way Town were commanding the game, but the home side managed to keep their cool and played fantastic football until the end of the first half.

Sleaford came out for the second half the stronger team and found the back of Town’s net early on.

Horncastle made a few midfield changes which brought them back into the running.

A yellow card was given against Sleaford’s no7 for repeated barging. Cards are being used for the first time this season for the U13s and seeing a card given, even against an opposing player, knocked Horncastle Town for six, which allowed Sleaford to capitalize and find the back of Town’s net with 20 minutes left.

Horncastle put the pressure back on and gave Sleaford Town’s ‘keeper a good work out. Town hit the upright, shot wide but finally found the back of Sleaford’s net with a left footed equalizer from Samuel Howden.

Man of the match - Jake South.