FOOTBALL: Second-half goal keeps Tekkerslovakia in contention

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Tekkerslovakia grabbed a second half goal against Exeter G to win the game 2-1 and keep themselves in contention as the Horncastle Six-a-side Lague now entered its final few weeks of the season.

Ginger Gaffer were held by an excellent performance from Ivory Toast in an entertaining 1-1 draw, which allowed AC a Little Silhouetto of Milan to capitalise and close to within one point of the leaders with a comprehensive 7-0 over Bad Intentions.

Beercelona fell to the same scoreline to new team OGFC who will certainly be competing at the top end of the table next season.

The new season begins in four weeks time and will see the league expand to 10 teams, and a second division could be created if there is enough interest.

Call 07341 810083 if you wish to enter a team. Free kit and free entry will remain open until further notice.