FOOTBALL: Ivory Toast triumph over basement side in Horncastle Six-a-side League

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Horncastle Six-a-side League

Ivory Toast 2

Bantalona 1

Ivory Toast started strongly and saw a disallowed goal early on as Jack Whitt got a shot under the keeper but was adjudged to have been in the area.

Ivory Toast did not have to wait long as they opened the scoring with a shot from edge of area. It was soon 2-0 with a nice placed finish into the far corner.

Marvin Lea had a great chance as basement side Bantalona looked for a way back into the game but he shot wide as they game was 2-0 at half time.

The second half saw a creditable fightback from Bantalona as they grabbed one back for 2-1 but, despite numerous chances for an equaliser, last week’s magic did not prevail this time round as Ivory Toast held out for a 2-1 win, with Josh Stumpf deservedly picking up the man of the match award for an excellent performance.


Tekkerslovakia 2 (5-0 friendly win over Spandau Pele DNA)

Connor Preston brought a good save from keeper Stan, then Andy Chapman hit the post in a good start for Tekkers.

Preston made it 1-0 when the keeper rolled to him by accident. Nathan Brown then had a good shot but the keeper again made a good save as half time saw Tekkerslovakia lead 1-0.

Target man Jim Sharples finished well at the start of the second half as he found himself with time and space to finish for 1-1. The equaliser did not dampen Tekkerslovkia’s spirits as Matt ‘Stan’ Collins produced two superb saves from Preston and Chapman, before the diminutive Chapman danced his way into space and fired home for the winner.

Man of the match was given to Nathan Brown to the surprise of everyone on the astroturf.


OGFC 3 (both 5-0 points match wins)

ISS RAFCATS stayed on to fulfil their points match this week against current leaders OGFC.

A great save from Sharples was followed by one from Sam Johnson at an angle as both teams enjoyed confident starts. Steve Hill had the best chance but scooped over.

It was Jim Sharples who made it 1-0 after a good assist from Ollie Elkington, before Sam Johnson then hit both posts and had a goal disallowed. Ollie Harvey-Avery made it 1-1 from a free kick.

Stan then made a great save from Nathan Wright but he was not to be denied a goal as he finished well for OGFC to take the lead at 2-1. On the stroke of half time, Steve Hill made it 2-2.

In the second half, Nathan Wright skipped past three ISS RAFCATS players but the keeper saved well. Sam Johnson then hit the post and they finally re-took the lead when Harvey-Avery nipped in for 3-2.

RAFCATS were not to be denied and much like earlier in the season, when the game ended 3-3 with a late equaliser for OGFC, the opposite happened as Jim Sharples’ delicate touch, following Ollie Elkington’s third assist, made it for 3-3.

Deservedly for both teams, Jim Sharples and Nathan Wright picked up the man of the match awards for their teams.

Ginger Gaffer 10

Beercelona 1

Much was made of this game pre kick-off as Beercelona exercised their right for a guest player not to play for Ginger Gaffer as they wanted to give themselves as good an opportunity as possible to take something from the match.

The game, despite a competitive start where Joe Cranfield’s great strike made it 1-0 and Jay Peterson responded to make it 1-1 for Beercelona, soon became a horror show for the reds. Clearly missing their regular and normal stalwart in goal – Sean Gilbody – Nathan Wilkinson valiantly took up the reins in goal but was clearly no keeper and Beercelona suffered as a result.

Dan Burn ran through and struck one in off the post for 2-1. A Jack Harwood double and a Paul Danut strike made it 5-1 at half time, which ended the contest.

The second half was no better for Gaffer as Jack Harwood and Joe Cranfield amongst others added five more goals.

Joe Cranfield earned the man of the match award this week for his goals and three assists in a rout for Beercelona who will take the Christmas break to hopefully recharge the batteries for a strong late finish in January.