Councillors support cricket pavilion plan


Parish councillors in Woodhall Spa have opted to support major improvements to the village cricket club’s pavilion.

The club is one of the largest in the county and runs highly successful teams at senior and junior level.

Officials are in the process of applying for grant funding - and planning permission - for a single storey extension to the building.

The extension - and other improvements - would boost off the field facilities and attract more community use.

Speaking at a parish council meeting, councillor Rich Sanderson described the improvements as a ‘fantastic idea.’

He did raise concerns about the loss of an established hedgerow as part of work to extend the existing car park.

Councillors supported his suggestion that the hedgerow should be re-instated, once the work project is completed.

On other planning matters, councillors decided not to support an application by owners of The Inn to remove three sycamore trees.

Councillors said the trees provided an important barrier between a children’s playground and adjoining homes.