Yum-yum - school dinners are the best at Bucknall

Myles Bremner with pupils at Bucknall School
Myles Bremner with pupils at Bucknall School

There’s definitely no lumpy mash and soggy cabbage on the menu at Bucknall Primary School.

In fact, dinners at the school really are the tops - and that’s according to a very special guest.

Myles Bremner - the head of the Government’s National School Food Plan - visited Bucknall last week.

Primary schools have to meet a government target of providing universal free school meals to all children in Reception and Years 1 and 2.

Like most small schools, Bucknall has had to turn to outside help for the provision of meals.

And a link with Horncastle based Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School has paid off.

Head Ali Simmons explained: “Just over a year ago, we were going to struggle to provide our infant children with a hot meal at lunchtime.

“After lots of hard work we now have a contract with QEGS in Horncastle.

“They provide fresh good quality meals every day which are delivered via a local taxi firm.”

And Mr Bremner was certainly impressed, admitting: “This is the best transported food I have ever eaten.

“It is an amazing school with a fantastic ethos.”

Max Marritt - Year 6 pupil, said: “ I really enjoyed talking to Mr Bremner

“He asked some interesting questions about our hot meals.

“The food from QEGS is delicious and there are lots of different meals on the menu.”