Youths - Spitting was a lack of respect

I’d like to air two subjects.

Firstly, I was at Louth bus station recently after waiting for a bus with several other older people.

We were witness to a display by youths on their bikes taking it in turn to ride in front of us, rearing their bikes up and testing their mettle as youths do.

Of course, they were showing nearly all their backsides, but we’ve had to get used to this over the years as it seems to be the fashion to show your underpants, with your trousers hanging nearly to your knees.

But the reason I’m penning this is they continually spat in front of us, which wasn’t very nice or respectful.

It would have been on CCTV, so why didn’t a policeman just come and have a word ... probably because of the financial cuts, which leads me to my second subject.

Surely this country isn’t going into Syria.

The NHS budget deficit is £980 million; we haven’t the money to spend on other countries, have we?

Primrose Leadbetter