Working group - Outcome must suit all parties

I thank you for reporting my concerns accurately in the Horncastle News on November 11.

However, the meaningless remarks of Cllr Aron, chairman of the Wong Working Group, do nothing to move matters forward, or address his failings to call a meeting and answer properly asked questions.

Apart from spending many thousands of pounds on a flawed public consultation, and option designs, the WWG is no further forward than it was three years ago.

Yes, I have rejoined the WWG as the official member of the civic society, but what Cllr Aron fails to say is that I was one of the two town councillors asked to join the group at the start.

My involvement was short lived as I asked too many pertinent questions and was asked to withdraw.

I regret to say that projects of this complexity need a professional brief to be established with the landowner, in this case East Lindsey District Council, to cover all aspects of the site in legal terms, rights of way, access to adjoining properties and meeting the needs of the site owner to establish a design brief.

The failure of the WWG to build up such a rapport resulted in the district council removing the cattle pens and outbuilding without any discussion.

Exactly the same happened to the town hall, which was closed and boarded up because of a failing to work n partnership to agree a possible solution.

We cannot continue in this autocratic and blinkered way with regard to the future of The Wong.

We need to secure an outcome that meets all parties’ wishes.

Richard Barker, RIBA

Member of the WWG, representing the HHHS (Civic Society)