Wildlife park - Should not be allowed

Planning permission should not be given because the enclosures were built before permission or change of use had been approved.

There is no problem with a private collection under Dangerous Wild Animal Act, but to allow the site to open to the public is putting public safety and animal welfare at risk.

How can the council ignore public safety and animal welfare and allow a unit like this? There have been a spate of accidents where inexperienced keepers have been killed. Animals escaping due to inadequate staff training.

And now, 80 houses are to be built next to this dangerous site.

I have been involved with wild and domestic animals for 59 years ( now retired) in the Leisure Industry.

Spent 20 years as a zoo director, with children’s TV From 1964 to 1975, Thames Magpie Programme for 7 years, Films, TV Commercials, Gov. reg animal trainer (1923 act)

Zoological advisor to Thames and Yorkshire children’s programmes.

I received the World’s Fair trade publication award for Animal Husbandry, Six times best animal award by CFA, winner of the Gala Championships Leeds and on the judging panel for Princes Stephanie Monte Carlo Festival.

Councillor Martin Lacey

by email