Wildlife park - A great experience - very impressed

Wildlife park open day EMN-180208-180944001
Wildlife park open day EMN-180208-180944001

I would like through your paper, to thank Mr Andrew Riddel for allowing the community of Horncastle to view his private collection of wild animals.

It was a great experience to see these animals close up, close to Horncastle and see what Mr Riddel is trying to do.

I was very impressed with the way the new animal enclosures are. So safe and professional. And how his staff was so obliging.

I understand that there is an objection from the near by building company who are planing to build houses near the park. This would be such a missed opportunity for Horncastle and the rest of East Lindsey if they are successful in stopping Mr Riddel’s vision. A wildlife park near Horncastle would bring in long term work for local people much needed tourist to east Lindsey area. Not just for the summer months.

I understand we need houses. But to stop this venture would be a mistake. Let Mr Riddle buy the land off the building company so they can build elsewhere in Horncastle with views that won’t effect the sale price.

I understand people’s concerns about safety but those who visited at the weekend saw what Mr Riddel has done in such a short time. How well looked after and happy the animal are. How safe the cages are. I know it’s work in progress .one that has had to stopped due to the objection.

I hope the objection is overruled and Mr Riddle can carry on again with his vision. Hopefully open fully so Horncastle,east Lindsey and the tourist trade can enjoy Wolds wildlife park

Thanks again Wolds wildlife park for a great time.


Local resident