Wardens - I was amazed at the stupidity

Your story “Bah Humbug” (Horncastle News, January 6) just demonstrates the complete idiocy of some at Lincolnshire County Council headquarters.

To send out traffic wardens on Christmas Sunday, especially when most people would be at home enjoying the break, is ridiculous.

On returning to Horncastle late on that Sunday afternoon, I actually saw a warden prowling around West Street looking for prey.

I was amazed at the stupidity that he was actually on duty on such a wet and dreary day, devoid of vehicles.

I can only assume that the county council is so desperate for revenue that it would have these people working at such a time, when (perhaps) an unpaid extra days holiday would have been appreciated by the wardens and motorists alike, assuming there were any on the road to trap.

The usual politically correct statement issued by the council spokesman is pointless, as is the comment that he (the warden) “could have been holding something up” when there is a very clear photograph of him actually giving a thumbs up sign.

Equally, I see no point at all in blanking out the face of the warden (political correctness yet again) – the photograph is a truthful reflection of his actions, and should have been displayed appropriately.

Let us hope, in view of the criticism of this waste of taxpayers’ money, that lessons are learned for next year.

Mr R Fisher

Hemingby Way