Verges: They are a disgrace

I write in response to a letter in the Horncastle News last week (March 1) about the poor state of grass verges.

I too had cause to visit the area recently after stopping in Woodhall Spa to see a friend of many years.

We had lunch at the Teahouse in the Woods but I could not believe the state of the verges.

As a former resident of Woodhall Spa, I can remember the great pride everyone took in the village.

My memory might be going (I am in my 70s now) but the verges were always in excellent condition.

Now, these verges have been transformed into ugly areas of mud which, quite honestly, are a disgrace.

This is especially the case on the edges of the road around to the Kinema in the Woods.

I am aware of the recent bad wet weather (and the time of year) but I wonder whether these verges will ever recover.

I am astounded that the conditions have been allowed to deteriorate so much. Surely, someone must care.

Mary Stuart