Trees - A ‘barren’ perspective

I believe the appearance of one of the main routes into Woodhall Spa has been ruined by the developers of new homes.

Witham Road was an attractive tree lined avenue.

Now many of the well-established trees on one side of the road have been felled and the few remaining ones have had branches cut back to the trunks leaving 15 feet high sticks without branches or foliage.

The balance of each side of the road has been lost; the trees were originally equally spaced on each side of the road.

There are now far fewer on the side to be developed, with large empty gaps and a barren perspective. Although many will recover in time, they are now of a much lower height and density than opposite.

I know that all areas have to accept development, but planners should ensure that builders develop sites sympathetically and respect the nature of the local area.

What was once a country lane welcoming you to the village will soon be dominated by an urban housing estate changing the nature of the village.

Philip Simmons

Via email