Traffic - Increase in volume

I am a regular commuter through Horncastle on the A158 and have doubts whether any action will solve the traffic delays.

I have read with interest about Mr Cordingley’s views on the county council and his hopes for a meeting with Coun Richard Davies (Executive Councillor for Highways).

As others before me have pointed out, the problem is the sheer volume of traffic - especially in the summer months.

I’m afraid town centres were not built to cope with the increase in numbers and travelling around the country Horncastle is not alone in that.

I have also noted an increase in traffic - and particular HGV’s. They often add to the problem by attempting to turn right from Jubilee Way into Boston Road.

Some of these lorries are so enormous, they have to ‘swing’ into the inside lane, causing additional delays for vehicles heading straight on at that junction.

I fail to see how altering the sequence of the lights (again) will solve the issue - or putting in a roundabout. Is there even room?

Considering everything, I realise that leaves a bypass as the only remaining option and talk of that seems to have gone very quiet over recent weeks.

Martin Taylor