Traffic - Cross the road at your peril

Following an appeal earlier this year, I am pleased to say that I have had lots of support from local residents who are as anxious as I am to have a safe crossing in Wragby.

There are 14 roads off Church Street and Horncastle Road – with more building planned. The traffic is fast and little notice is taken of the 30mph speed limit.

Once vehicles feel clear of the traffic lights in the centre of the village, they speed onwards with impunity, while residents are left to cross the road at their peril.

The police are sympathetic but say it’s the same everywhere and it’s a decision for highways officials. The parish council feels equally helpless.

To stress the strength of local feeling, I have devised a petition asking for a pedestrian crossing and have had a good response so far.

The primary school in Wragby is in Silver Street and a crossing patrol is in place twice a day in school terms but, although that is good and helpful to children, there are many other people who are discouraged to cross the road because of the volume and speed of the traffic.

This is the main A158 leading to Horncastle and, ultimately, the coast.

The list of the total number of petitioners will go to the parish council which, in turn, will pass it on to the highways department at the county council.

M Johns

Church Street