Traffic - Authorities did get it right

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Before the reactive speed sign was set up in Jubilee Way, it spent periods of time in both Stanhope Road and Boston Road.

Results from both roads were, I believe, very similar to those found in Jubilee Way.

In the case of both these roads however, the authorities chose not to publish detailed results, claiming that the speed sign was faulty.

The only surprise is that the authorities are not claiming that the sign was still faulty during its time in Jubilee Way.

The authorities presumably thought about what speed limit to set in Jubilee Way before it was opened in the 1970s.

They either selected 30mph at that time or were given reason to reduce it at a later date. In either case, one has to look for the reason why.

From the South Street interchange as far as the medical centre, East Street should have a 30mph limit.

Lincoln Road already has a 30mph speed limit for (all too short) a distance.

If the traffic that passed me as I walked along East Street the other morning is typical, then drivers do not need further encouragement to break the law by giving the road that links them a 40mph limit.

So, while you could be forgiven for arguing that the speed limit should be raised to 40mph, I think the authorities got it right.

It’s just a shame that they now encourage motorists to break the law by refusing to take steps to enforce the law they set.

Lionel Higman

Stanhope Road, Horncastle