The smell - Barbecues pong, too

With reference to the story about the “overpowering pong of poo”, I am amazed by the comments of some people.

As a resident of Horncastle, it was obvious what the smell was and surely not a surprise as the weather was extremely hot and there had been no rain for a while.

What do they expect farmers to put on their fields?

I do wonder what people expect living in a rural area.

The main moan appeared to be that they could not have their barbecues.

Well, have they ever thought that some people find the stink from barbecues absolutely revolting.

I can think of many hot weekends when I have wanted to garden and sit and have a read outside and as far as my family are concerned it has been ruined by the stench of barbecue fuel, food and often black plumes of smoke drifting into the area.

And don’t even get me started on people insisting on playing loud music outdoors when the weather is hot.

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