Thanks - Good citizenship

Through the letters page of your newspaper I would like to express my thanks publicly to the anonymous resident of Jobson Close in Horncastle who found and returned my mobile telephone to me on Sunday 7th October.

The young man concerned politely refused my offer of a monetary reward for his good citizenship, saying modestly that he hoped that someone would do the same for him if he ever lost his phone.

I am extremely grateful to him for the prompt action he took on finding it and his readiness to make sure that I was reunited with it as soon as possible.

Its loss would have been a serious inconvenience to me, all the more so since I was a visitor to the area and may not have realised I had lost it until I was well on the way home to where I live in the Midlands.

It is comforting and inspiring to know that such gallantry continues to exist, despite headlines and rumours to the contrary.

Peter Sergeant