Speed - We need more speed signs in town street

Having read your article in the Horncastle News about the speed signs in Woodhall Spa, we wonder if you could have influence on having at least one more sign in the Horncastle Road (B1191) on Roughton Moor area, ie within the 50 mile speed limit area?

Drivers coming from the Woodhall direction are almost revving up for the end of the solid white line near to Sandy Lane and then take off and fly along. Yet there are three side turnings - Sandy Lane, Mill Close and Moor Lane plus entrances to two park home estates within about 300 yards.

From the Horncastle direction drivers are already doing 60mph and many don’t slow down.

We have in the past spoken to local police and Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership but it seems someone has to be killed before a notice can go up.

Brian and Janet Wiles

By email